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The region's connection network includes the route network with three dual carriageway main roads stretching from the mountains to the sea; the air transport network based on the Ancona International airport directly linked to some international airports like UK (Stansted), former Russia, Greece, Germany, Egypt etc, and indirectly (via Rome and Milan) to all over the world. There are also connections with Ireland via Bologna Airport served by Air Lyngus.

The sea transport network is assured by the Ancona Port which is linked, from a turistic point of view, with all mediterranean ports and some of the Atlantic Ocean; from the commercial aspect, Ancona area hosts an example of modern distribution hub predisposed to address any kind of goods shipped from any corner of the world to Northern Europe.

Cities reflects the regional population; Ancona with its 100.000 inhabitants it's our "metropolis" and the others "big" cities like Pesaro, Macerata, Ascoli, Fermo, Fabriano can accounts on an average of 30.000 inhabitans. Each of those cities are keepers of ancient and modern cultures, each gifted with own independence but synergistically oriented to the regional managerial centre: Ancona.

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