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Local economy

The Marchigiano (that's the name for Marche original inhabitants), it's a hard worker, and if by chance he doesn't have a work anymore, he does invent a new one. The original rural economy during the time diversified itself toward craft and industrial activities, all projected to the future but always with an eye to the past, just to not forget that a durable success can be obtained by a hard and constant work.
The main industrial poles are the shoe industry in the Fermo area, the fish industry in the Ascoli area, the electrical appliance industry in the Fabriano and Macerata areas and last the furniture industry in Pesaro. Even the agricolture updated itself to the new global market rules making up a wider agricultural activity: the modern farmer includes from 10 to 20 little old farms. This process brought to the availability of all those farmhouses which 30-40 years ago were the centre of farmers life: their shape and structure, like an open book, tell us about all their past history.

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