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Property no.880

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Conditions   Category   Construction   Livable area   Garden   Price
Very good   Commercial properties   Plaster   368 sq. m.   70000 sq. m.   970.000,00 €
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  This farm holiday centre is located 400m above the sea level and it occupies a total surface of 70000 sq.m. The property consists of 3 rural houses: the habitable house with its bedrooms and the restaurant of about 420 sq.m; the stable of about 280 sq.m; the bathrooms for the agricultural camping of about 60 sq.m. This property offers a service of restaurant that is based on biological products (ICEA certification), that are cultivated in there own firms or bought in other firms of the same kind. It is possible to stay overnight by using one of the five squares prepared for the campers, or sleep in one of the seven en-suite bedrooms. Horses can also be our guest since there is a board and lodging facilities for horses. The agricultural and breeding firm consists of: The orchard with its 250 plants of antique national varieties and 120 of local varieties.The vineyard, where there is the cultivation of grapes with different varieties (like albarola, bosco, vermitino e malvasia. Included are different aromatic plants like lavender, Melissa, dragoncello, hyssop, thyme, various types of sage; like ribes, blackberry and raspberry. Different types of seasonal vegetables. The roughly 600 sq,m of hothouses, that permit the agric-firm to have its own product, just as an example, tomatos, even when the season is not favourable. The 7 beehives that belong to the firm allow for the production of good honey. Livestock like horses, pigs, she-ass and rabbits are also available. The 2 horses are meant for riding and are also used in training new ones in horse riding.

Further information:
n. 1 outbuilding (useable area about sq.m 194 sq.ft 2088)
n. 1 outbuilding (useable area about sq.m 33 sq.ft 355)
Province: La Spezia
Region: Liguria
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